Blagoevgrad Vocational School  “Ichko Boichev”

Blagoevgrad Vocational School  “Ichko Boichev” is one of the main vocational schools located in the South- west part of Bulgaria and especially in a good area of the city Blagoevgrad. Our motto is “Tradition and Innovation” and we are proud of the names of many of our previous students, distinguished professionals in various fields. A lot of students prefer to study in BPG due to the technical education and a driving license that they receive at the end of their education. There are around 250 students, between 14 and 19 years old and around 20 teachers who give students the opportunity to obtain a certificate in some different technical subjects such as: automobile mechanics, electrical appliances, ICT and computer technologies.  Professional areas of school include computer science, electrical engineering, and energy and transport. After five years, students can attend college or go to work as an Electrotechnics, drivers or Mechanics. In a modern and dynamic society, mastering and using both technical and information technology is a prerequisite for the personal and professional growth of every young person. In addition, our school has been willing to teach students in lessons aimed at recovering not only students’ interest in the techniques, but also to provide them with more knowledge and social and intercultural skills and for children at risk of social exclusion.