Students Meetings – France – SOCHAH

Students Meetings – France – SOCHAH

Students Meetings


Résumé SOCHAH in France

Day 1

The French Team has been the Host of this project in the time period from the 6th of December to the 11th of December. The first day has been the day of the arrival of the teams from Portugal, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria and Turkey. The teams stayed in a hostel in the center of our city. Luckily, the Weather was not that bad, so we could decorate everything very easily and we could spend some time outside. We sang and danced around, because we were so happy to meet them all here in France. We booked a car, so that we could pick them up at the airport in Paris. While they were in the car on their way to Évreux, we decorated the hostel with lots of balloons, signs, posters, flags, colours and Christmas lightsin the theme of SOCHAH ! We have prepared the presents for our guests as well and we were very excited ! During the first day we didn’t do any special activity, we waited for our beloved partners and hoped that they would arrive safe and sound in our country and in our hometown. Luckily, everyone arrived safely and after 30 seconds we saw some big hugs everywhere and we heard the people laughing and it was just a wonderful moment filled with happiness and love. It was a nice and calm evening and we spent some time together. We had a Christmas meal with awesome Christmas hats and we laughed a lot ! After that, we went into the room where we installed a music box and some microphones, so that we can listen to some music, dance around, have some great conversations and exchanges about our cultures and celebrate the moment of the third reunion of the SOCHAH-Team. It was super interesting to see how the students connected with each other and how fast they have been becoming friends. We have spent the first evening together and we have tried to get to know each other. It was a very beautiful and heart-warming reunion of all the beautiful people and we will keep that in mind for the rest of our lives. We didn’t stay awake for a long time because everybody was tired of the travel so we went to bed to start refreshed and motivated for the next day ! ~