Students Meetings – Spain – SOCHAH

Students Meetings – Spain – SOCHAH

Students Meetings




MONDAY 10 FEBRUARY – Meeting at IES Justo Millán

Meeting of all the participants at the hall of the school. Credentials process. Welcome from the coordinator. Presentations of all the schools about their places and customs.

Continuation of the presentations. Tour of the school to visit the different buildings and the exhibitions of Justo Millán, Hellín and its area. After the tour, each student went with his/her partner to attend the last classes of the day.

Lunch at the school canteen.

Departing by bus from the school to visit Liétor. Walking tour of the village of Liétor.


TUESDAY 11 FEBRUARY – Visit to Toledo (3 Cultures City)

Arrival at Toledo. Guided tour of the city, including San Román Church, Tránsito Sinagogue and the Roman Terms.

Free time to visit the city.


WEDNESDAY 12 FEBRUARY – Visit to Tolmo de Minateda, Hellín and cultural meeting

Visit of the archeological site of “el Tolmo de Minateda”.

Walking visit of the old town of Hellín.

Welcoming from the Mayor of Hellín at the Town Hall.

Continuation of the visit of the old town of Hellín.

Cultural and gastronomic meeting at the Culture House, including typical dances and food from Hellín.


THURSDAY 13 FEBRUARY – Visit to Murcia (Justo Millán legacy)

Arrival and visit to Murcia, including Circo Theatre (and Romea Theatre.

Visit to the shopping centre Nueva Condomina and free time.


FRIDAY 14 FEBRUARY – Certificates assembly and farewell

Meeting at the school. Certificates assembly and farewell, including a drum concert of a student.

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