Atatürk Anadolu Lisesi in Aydin

Our organization is a state school and works with young people between 14-18 years old. There are 75 teachers and about 900 young pupils. The goals of our school are to help young people reach their potential, take responsibility for their lives and develop a strong set of learning and life skills. Its objective is for young people to be affectionate people who will live productive and meaningful lives, in addition to providing basic training for university education. Our students are at the secondary level and secondary education includes grades 9-12. In high school, students have 9 compulsory subjects. Young people are divided into groups according to their abilities and levels. They must graduate from high school to attend university. There are several social clubs in our organization and young people work on a voluntary basis to develop awareness in society. They are very interested in social, political and intercultural realities; therefore, they are very enthusiastic about the creation of international groups of projects for young people.